5 Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid

Normally, we report in the blog of Webvisitenkarte.net how to extend your own company using its own website and well portioned marketing. However, you should also know which mistakes should be avoided.

Sometimes it’s all just a matter of attitude, in other cases it’s all about fear. And then there are also these little errors that simply destroy all what you built up. If you want your company to grow, take the following points to heart, and try to avoid them at any cost, so that your company continues to grow and prosper.

1. The wrong attitude

Your attitude towards your company is important for the attitude towards each other. Every visitor of your website, each with whom you speak, every Twitter or Facebook contact. All will immediately know what you think about your company.

• Be confident and keep the ball. Nothing is deadlier than the well known “let it slip”.
• Never complain about your customers. Always remember. The customer is king. This also applies to the Internet.
• Complain privately about how hard your job is or how much you want something else.
• Always remember that a company will not be successful overnight. Patience is the motto.

2. Mass market, not niche one

The simplest definition of a niche is, indeed, „a group of people who merge with each other because they have the same problem.“ Target groups such as self-employed (freelancers), small businessman, parents, or certain age groups are not a niche.

A great online paradox is the fact that the more specific your marketing strategy is, the more successful it is. Think about when you want to achieve anything, and especially about whether it concerns masses or niche.

3. Act „cheap“

It is now so easy to create a considerable online presence. Nevertheless manage to make your website look like many companies, as a four-year-old would have bothered.

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Many of them just look cheap and affect the company in the real world. You need to ensure that your website shows that you are worth the price you demand for your products or services. There are so many possibilities. Do not rely on third cousin who does the job „for free“. Rely on a professional solution.

4. No long-term planning

Some companies fail to plan not only in the long term; they do not plan at all. The statement that a business plan is only there to convince banks to finance your own company is simply wrong.

Every business needs a plan. In both the short as well as long term. If you have no goals, how do you ever achieve anything?

Of course, one does not need a 100-page business plan in which every imaginable issue is thoroughly planned down to the smallest detail, but you should definitely know where you want to go, whom to sell, and – most importantly – what your company differs from all others.

5. Theoretically…

As important, a plan may be to achieve the aims that you have set for yourself, you have to do something. It’s not enough to study further every day, to read something here and there and „theoretically“ to know about everything.

Do not get me wrong, this is not a call to throw all the textbooks in the trash. Continuing education is quite a success factor. You just should not lose yourself in it. It brings nothing to anyone, if they are always learning new things, it is not applicable. Practice is still the best way to learn something.

Try to avoid the above error. There are enough people who have already done this. Rather follow in the footsteps of successful entrepreneurs and try to avoid errors from the beginning.

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