Build a Website to Deal with Common Customer Service Mistakes

Customers are the most valuable asset in any business and it is also one that takes much time to acquire than any other input. Entrepreneurs can build a website for different reasons but getting more customers is usually the main reason for venturing online. Getting customers may sometimes not be a tough job especially if you have some money to spend on online advertising but how you handle them after that determines whether they will remain visitors or become regular customers for your products. There are a number of ways you can improve communication with your customers through the website and avoid some of the many mistakes that lead to loss of customers. One the best approaches is to identify the common customer service and communication mistakes made by businesses and to try to avoid them. Here are some of them and how to deal with them on your website.

Ignoring customer problems

Customers hate to be ignored especially when they want to know something that can help them make a buying decision. Although most companies well laid out customer service codes, not many follow them to the letter. Many customer questions go unanswered for a long time making potential customers lose hope and desire to buy from the website. The solution to this is to create an automated response system that deals with many frequently asked questions FAQs with an interface to forward other issues to a customer care staff. This should be coupled with a thorough training of customer service personnel to on best practices and sensitize them on the effects of poor customer service on business and profits.

Poor problem diagnosis

One of the reasons people build a website is to deal with customer problems. You can only deal with a problem if you understand it well. This is the main challenge for any customer service staff. Online customers mainly using email or chat to ask questions may not always clearly state their problem to the satisfaction of the customer service agent. It will require the agent to be keen enough to know the real issue in the question and respond appropriately. Poor problem solving leads to loss of customers and future sales.

Hostile responses

The worst a customer can get from a business is hostile reception or response to a question. The premise of any customer service policy should be that the customer is most valuable and should always be handled with respect and care. Many have however received not very good response to questions raised out of good faith. This results from lack of understanding of a question or a sheer lack of training on the job of service to customers. Training and supervision is the answer to this problem. There should be a clear problem escalation channel which should help staff deal with all matters that customers need answers to. In this era of reviews, one dissatisfied customer can generate so much negative sentiments on your business leading to great losses. Staff should be trained in hospitality besides normal customer service. This will help them to empathize with customers especially those who may be inclined to negativity or angered by an act or omission by the business.

Following through customer requests

Every question that comes to the business in tray is important for the growth of the business. How such questions are handled say much about the nature of the company. The worst scenario is where emails and requests are not responded to at all but there are those where responses don’t come in time. The best practice is where as you build a website, you also give the rules of the company as per email responses to help customers understand you better. If one is sure about getting a response for a question and the timeline is given, they have more confidence asking unlike where no guarantees are given.

It is possible to have satisfied customers who help you get more customers by their positive sentiments. It is also possible to have dissatisfied customers who become a liability to the business depending on how you structure your customer service and train your staff. With your website, you can ensure your clients are well served and kept happy all the time.

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