Company Website Part 1 – Define Clear Goals!

firmenhomepage-ziele-280x300Before you create your own company website, you should ask the all-important questions: what goals you are pursuing with your website and what you want to achieve with your website. Think thoroughly about what target group is worth considering and which profits you expect from your potential customers. The following essential objectives that you should strive for, consciously creating and marketing your own website, will be discussed.

Being a business owner, it is important to set clear goals in mind. Develop various measures that you will constantly improve, because it is the only way for you to generate desirable results.

Achieve the best possible profits!

For any entrepreneur, it is eminently in advance to care about turnovers that your business could provide. You have a company, and you present it on the Internet. Think how you could increase your sales with the help of your company’s website. Business objectives are of great relevance for your company, because they are both easy and uncomplicated measurable as well as in different periods fast and easy comparable. The true success of your company, however, can not be measured solely by mere turnovers, of course it is the decisive factor, nevertheless you should also take into account other aspects that will lead your business to success on the Internet, such as profit margin of individual products, conversion rate or buying frequency. So pay attention not only to the turnovers but also to other business elements.

Check your stats!

To get an idea of how many web visitors click on your business website, besides, you should use appropriate statistics-software, e.g. Google Analytics. The number of visitors is a relevant and meaningful value that you can easily check. But make absolutely sure that you do not add your own views to the statistics. The number of page views is a crucial statistical value, thanks to which you can obtain important information about your visitors. But it is worth knowing that a page that you view under a certain current value should not be counted in the statistics, because it is not about potential interested parties. The value of hits is irrelevant to your company website. Many people do not know what is meant by this date. 1,000 hits do not mean that your website has been clicked by 1000 visitors. With this value, the views of individual page elements are calculated. So if, for example, your website consists of many images, many hits are automatically measured accordingly. Nowadays, hits are no more authoritative value, because every website consists of many files. Thus, one could understand hits as an excessive number of visitors. Do not let yourself be fooled, because it is just a deceptive success. Check your stats regularly. Do not be too optimistic about all the statistical data; caution should be taken. Unfortunately, Internet statistics register mainly quantitative and not qualitative values. Therefore, it is worthwhile for you to mix statistical objectives with so-called „soft targets“.

Soft targets – Collect praising customer opinions!

It is not an easy task to implement soft targets. This kind of objectives is only suitable for a target-actual comparison. Of course, you can measure the relevance of your company’s website on customer feedback. An interesting method would be to carry out a survey among customers on the brand popularity of your products or services. However, this can never be precisely found out, how the cause-effect relation will look with soft targets. Nonetheless, it would be profitable to simply commit oneself to certain methods of measuring soft targets. You could compare relevant information, such as e.g. the percentage of traffic on your website with the sales figures. Thanks to regular measurement of the data, you could check whether the values have either risen or fallen. Satisfied customers are the best customers, so ask your customers, for example, by e-mail for their opinions regarding the purchased products or services and then publish these feedbacks on your company’s website. It should be noted that customer opinions are very important for your business: first, because they can increase your sales and secondly, because they also significantly contribute to the popularity of your company.

The best is to mix everything!

Just pick the best of all solution. Compare the measures that you have used with the results in order to rationally assess whether your company website has become really successful. Ask yourself which of the used methods were effective. Try to combine the most successful elements together, and you will surely be able to celebrate the first success soon!

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