Company Website Part 2 – The Content Makes The Difference!

firmenhomepage-inhalte-225x300You should not downplay the content, when you are creating your company website. There is often much importance attached to the appearance in the creation of a website. But the layout, beautiful pictures or photographs guarantee by far no success. Think very carefully about what content you should provide to your company’s website to make potential customers aware of it.

Important is the fact that a well-prepared content of your company website can only help. Significant are both captivating and meaningful texts as well as the visual presentation of your website. Thanks to such optimal combination, it becomes possible to achieve success with your website. Below are a few suggestions, in terms of the content of your company website, briefly explained.

Every day new websites appear on the internet, and it is certainly not an easy task for your company website to make a big breakthrough in a short time. But it is still possible! Much depends on the so-called „content“ of your website. No one will buy your product or service, only because of the visual appearance of your website. Do not forget about texts, because words can be very powerful. So use your texts to convince potential customers of your products. Show an interest in your customers, recognise their needs and present your company from its best side on the website. Connect authentic texts with interesting images, because thus you will manage in playing off the competition better.
To create good content, you should first formulate your goals. Ask yourself, what you achieve with your Internet site and which target group you want to address. Define your goals as precisely as possible, and follow step by step.

Write texts – by yourself or at least hire someone?

First, you should anticipate one thing, no one has time to read infinitely long texts, therefore you should always write the most important thing first. Put yourself in the position of your potential customers, and thereby ask yourself, what they are looking for and what you can offer them.

Keep in mind that you certainly will not leave any good impression, if you have nothing to say about your offer. Avoid unnecessary glorification of your product or service. It is important to emphasize the benefits in the design of your texts for your customers. If the offer is described as beneficial, you have higher chances that a customer will contact you.

From the customer’s point of view following questions are relevant, and you should consider them when you write texts: why the customer should choose precisely you, what so unique about your offer is or what you have what other companies do not. Listen very carefully to your customers, take, for example, the opportunity of customer feedback in order to make your content customer-friendly. Keep in mind the fact that your articles should sound convincing. Shorten your texts and use simple language. Your texts should be written understandable for your customers.

So express yourself clearly and distinctly and use the language of your target audience. If you should use abbreviations or technical terms in your texts, it is necessary to explain this right at the end of the text. Do not overwhelm your customers with technical data, terms or unnecessary information. Your customers will not buy any technical products, they need clear and simple solutions to their problems and needs. Please do not write technically laden texts, instead of this you should better sell stories about your products or services, because then you will surely go down well with the potential customers. Do not forget to read your text at least three times to correct any errors, before you publish it.

It cannot be denied that it is quite difficult to write short and snappy texts. You also have the possibility to hire a copywriter, although you have to pay money for it, but then you get professional results and save much time, in addition.

The look is also important!

You should not slip in the extreme. The fundamental principle is to convey your content as far as it goes uncomplicated, and do not forget to present something pleasing to the eye. It would be ideal, if you could tailor the design of your company’s website to the content. You should adapt the images to the relevant texts.

A well-designed website is, of course, an eye-catcher, but you should not overload your website with excessive graphics, pretty pictures and photos. We recommend you to use professional photos, but if you do not have appropriate digital camera, nor graphics programs, you should definitely hire a photographer. However, if you decide to take pictures of your company by yourself, pay attention to the web capability, such as file size or format of the images. A good alternative would also be numerous websites where you generally can download professional photos for little money.

The main point for the success of your company website are your content and usability. The web visitors and, therefore, your potential customers want to obtain pertinent information quickly and easily. The content must appeal to your customers, be tempting, authentic and clear, otherwise it may happen that a potential customer will be lost in your website and ends up with a single click of your competitor.

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