Company Website Part 3 – Just Do Something Good!

kiddies-300x200Do you own a company that provides high performance, however only you and your previous customers know about this company? Do not waste time any more to increase the number of your customers! But how can you best call attention of potential customers to your business? Let’s come up with something, because your potential customers are already supersaturated with conventional advertising. For your business it is important to conduct a dialogue. Remember that good deeds always go down well with customers! So start an activity and put your commitment in the service of a good cause.

There are plenty of occasions where you can get involved as a sponsor. You might have a sporting goal, which is closed to your heart, an anniversary or a birthday? Then start your own project! Run a marathon or make others happy with gifts to your notable birthday. Collect donations among your relatives, friends and colleagues of course. If you should be unknown to the local press, get involved in an aid project, because thus you certainly get the attention of the national press. Sponsor’s activities are not a phenomenon of modern times. The old formula of charity is valid today more than ever, especially in the last years a clear trend for sponsorship is apparent. Pay attention to the fact that it comes with the right representation of your company, not mere advertising. Your company is not only known in the region, but it is also gaining familiarity in the eyes of your potential customers. The following compactly presents how you with your company will be established on the local market. Which media channels you should need for this and which tricks and tips would be noted.
Everyone should hear from you!

You have a good flourishing business, but there are still many unknown potential customers, then do not wait any longer! Grab your chance to be seen on the regional market. To generate targeted press releases in local newspapers, bet on a well thought out social commitment! Organize a fundraising campaign for needy children or animals, because these events leave a very good impression of your company. However, please remember that you should take your social or environmental responsibility seriously. Social commitment or environmental responsibility should not be just empty words! You should not spread untruths about your social responsibility, because that will certainly no longer go well and eventually take revenge on your reputation. Take such actions to the heart, because then you can donate really much good to your company for the future. The local newspapers, TV stations or even broadcasts will certainly follow your commitment with great interest. Here, however, you should not forget to present appearing in the local press article on your company’s website. Promote good causes regularly and also talk about it! Prove that your company actually has a social responsibility, but not like many other companies, who employ Asian children’s hands for the production of certain goods! Be involved in charity events and be careful, and do not forget that you work primarily on the credibility of your company. Doing a good deed does not necessarily mean to subscribe money!

It is not always necessary to donate money helping needy or to collect money, in order to gain credibility and to reach new customers. Do something good by donating services or products! Such deeds are always valuable, and always leave a positive impression on potential buyers. So set up a charity association to provide assistance to people, so you could organize, for example, a school party for children starting school! Sweeten the first visit to school of these small pupils with cotton candy and clowns. Such special promotion will surely delight both, the pupils and their parents. Actions such as these are usually much cheaper than a newspaper campaign, and also bring significantly more feedback from your potential customers. It is essential that all communication channels, which are available for use, inform all of this action, discreetly and not too intrusively.

Do not forget to work on your business! Consider the fact that your social or environmental commitments should appear credible. Comprehensible and honest commitment of your company will certainly have sustainably positive impact on your company image. Try to plan permanently, every month to publish a press release on a special action of your company. Make it a habit to carry out fundraising campaigns and to support aid projects, because then you will be successful in your business, and do something good at the same time.

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