Company Website Part 8 – Providing Links Must Not Always Be Difficult!

You have already created your own company website? With all kinds of promotional activities try to make your website popular on the Internet and in the regional markеt. You want your website to be displayed in the search engines as far ahead as possible, like Google, Yahoo or Bing, but you do not know how search engines actually work?
Simply put, a search engine is comparable with a gigantic web catalog, in which all web pages and the information are listed. But what methods you should follow to make your website compatible with search engines? A very important criterion that can add value to your website is links. The more high quality links to your company website, the more popular and more favorite it becomes. Of course, the backlinks that lead to your site are by far not the only evaluation criterion, which is used by the search engines. In the following, the most important techniques and principles of link extraction, which are relevant in the search engine optimization of a website, will be outlined. In order to get high quality links, use a variety of different methods. So plan carefully your own strategy of link extraction and note the methods presented by us.

Link extraction

When planning the link extraction for your website, you should assume which strategy and what backlinks are relevant for you. Links from thematically-specific areas are very important for you. You need links from reputable websites. But how can you get such links? Use blogs especially to comment on specific topics and, in addition, always leave a link to your site. After creating your own website, many webmasters fall back on ready-made rows of link directories. Nowadays, there are numerous Internet directories that are very reputable. You could, for example, register your website in DMOZ, one of the most famous link directories worldwide. Nevertheless, caution is recommended by many providers. Renounce especially the directories that include all websites, no matter what quality, or the websites, which expect a link from you in return.

Link bating

What does actually link bating mean? The term «link bating» in the SEO circles is known as the baiting for the purpose of link procurement. It’s a pretty efficient way to save a lot of work in terms of link building. Create an interesting content, in order to enduce other web authors to link your website. Try to focus the attention of webmasters of valuable websites so, that in support they will place the link to your company website on their own website. Design surprising and provocative texts, because only then you will succeed in attracting other Internet users. Do not bore your visitors, but aim at confronting the readers with exclusive texts. If you manage to captivate other web authors with your articles, you have good opportunities to get valuable links.

Buy backlinks

Another SEO technique is the link buying. On the net you will find vast amount of websites that offer you the links for money. It is an easy way to get backlinks. The prices of these providers are also very different and depend on the number and the page rank of the links. Also these SEO method is a thorn in the side of Google and Co. That’s why you always wait for a while after purchasing of external links, to ensure that they are accepted by the search engines. An indirect way to get links would also be a website sponsoring.

Contact other website owners in order to get links. Find on the net suitable sites and contact their owners, in order to kindly ask them for a link. Although it is not a rule that all operators of those websites will link your site, but asking them will not do any harm!

In addition, there are many other SEO methods to get links, these are just some of the most important ones. From the facts listed so far, it should be clear that the link extraction is not a trivial method. Presented tips will give you a first impression of the variety of possibilities of linkbuilding. If you are incapable of even carrying out a search engine optimization of your company website, then better leave it for the professionals.

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