Company Website Part 9 – Control is Still Better!

You have already created your own company website and tried to enforce the best measures to promote your website and therefore your business successfully. However, you should not forget some important facts. Ask yourself regularly, whether all advertising measures were effective and successful, and which you would better not apply in the future. Perform a target-performance comparison at regular intervals, in order to control the success of your website thoroughly. After you have followed all important information for marketing your website, in our opinion, check whether the objectives you intended to implement at the beginning, were realized. But where from you really ought to know that your website successful and well received by the visitors is? Of course you can measure the success of your website based on your account, nevertheless, the review of each promotional activities would be thoroughly recommended. For any entrepreneur the control of the individual steps that were applied for the marketing of his website and company, is highly relevant. However, how should you carry out the inspection? What you should take into account and what software you should use.

The Internet provides you the best conditions to verify statistical values of your website. In the network control nothing can be better than quantitative values. Therefore, it would also be of the advantage for you, to convert the qualitative values into quantitative ones, because these can be measured better and more convenient. The statistics programs offered on the Internet are the most suitable to monitor the success of your company’s website. The so-called statistics software, which have numerous variations in the network, is also provided by many providers for free. Thus, you can see clear results of your work in just a few moments. Of course, you also have the possibility to subscribe to commercial software, these programs usually offer more functions and also guarantee support for all difficult questions and technical problems. This solution would be optimal for those entrepreneurs who want to obtain more statistical data on their page. But you do not always need to buy a statistics software to verify the success of your advertising effort. There is vast amount of professional and high-quality programs that are put on the web. By far the most commonly used statistics software is Google Analytics. It is a serious and also free web analysis tool that is designed to monitor accesses to a website. Among the most important data analysis that this software offers to the users are the search terms that are entered into the search engine, the origin of visitors who click on your page and the residence time. Using such powerful online tools you will succeed to get detailed reports on the success of your company’s website. But do not forget to use the results of this analysis accordingly. Please read that data and diagrams compiled by the online tools in order to make appropriate use for optimizing your website. In addition to these analytical data, you have another interesting way to control the success of your company website. These are so-called heat maps. Broadly speaking, the „heat-maps“ are graphical representations of data. The heat map is placed on your website, and displays the most frequently visited areas by means of appropriate colors. Red areas are those which are clicked most frequently, yellow ones are the rarer and areas with no color are clicked almost not at all. This allows you to pinpoint exactly which areas of your company’s website are the most attractive to the visitors. You can use this valuable information to improve your website and advertising strategy.

Although statistical data are very meaningful, nevertheless you should also refer to other sources, which may say something about success of your website. The customers opinions and visitor feedback are evident for reviewing the visibility of your company’s website and therefore your company. Ask your customers intensively about their impressions and experiences related to purchased products or services and use this important information to optimize your website. It is the best if you perform the survey of your previous customers by e-mail. On your company website you may publish the laudatory feedback obtained in this way, and therefore also make a substantial contribution to the popularity of your company.

It is important that you, as a business and a website owner, can put yourself in the position of your customers. It is an interesting way to gain new knowledge of your potential customers. While viewing your company website, you should be able to coolly assess from the perspective of your customers what else to improve and what matters best. Although it is not an easy task for you as an entrepreneur to slip in the role of your customers. But you’ll notice that you will come to pretty amazing results with this method.

An optimal control can be carried out only if you combine both statistical data and other relevant methods, such as using the aforementioned customer feedbacks, balanced with each other. You should not rely solely on your stats, but there is no denying that they are of great relevance for monitoring the success of your company website. Regularly check whether the objectives defined at the beginning have been confirmed. Check thoroughly the measures that should lead to the success of your website, and eliminate those that may be ineffective. Only then you will be able to manage a successful company website and a profitable company.

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