Company’s Website Part 4 – Advertise on the Network!

Start to bang the advertising drums and make your company’s website well known! There is no denying that introduction of self-created company website represents a major challenge. Use both, online- and offline advertising to make your company website and therefore your business on the Internet and in the regional market recognized. Advertise mainly on the network, because the Internet is the only medium where a potential customer can immediately respond to ads! The online advertising is a relatively inexpensive but above all it is an effective solution. In addition, the user can decide what he wants to see and which website he will click on. The motto of Internet advertising is simple: «It does not come to the consumer, but the consumer comes to the advertising by himself».

The decision is up to the user, whether he will click on the ads or not. With this type of advertising you also reach help of your targeted user language desired precisely by the target group. Online advertisement should be interesting for the potential customer and satisfy his demand. The goal is to place a responsive advertising at the right time on the monitor of Internet users. Who advertises on the network, gets very close to people, who are active and always looking for new ideas. Often it is not enough just to create a beautiful company’s website to achieve success. In fact, the marketing of this website is very relevant, because without a targeted advertisement the success cannot be measured! But which role does really online advertising play? In the following article there will be different types of Internet advertising and related benefits compactly presented.

Banner Advertising

It’s a classic type of Internet advertising. A banner ad refers an advertising space on the net. Normally by clicking this space the potential customer will be forwarded directly to the actual website, which markets the product advertised. But only a limited number of users decides to click on a banner advertisement, nonetheless counts not just on clicking with this form of advertising, but also watching this.

Site Branding

It is a welcome alternative to a banner advertising, as this can gain only a small number of customers. This refers to the changing of the appearance of a website so that it can be unambiguously assigned to a specific product or a company. Thanks to this type of online advertising, the Internet user can produce certain associations with a corresponding brand. Just as with banner advertising, you can use external websites that make their spaces available, as advertising space.

Partner Programs

Partner programs are also a significant online advertising opportunity. You do not have to worry about marketing your services or products. You can simply leave an advertising of your company for dedicated website operators. Of course, you should pay a certain commission for the advertisement.

Layer Ads

It is probably the most annoying form of online advertising. It is overlapping advertising media, which covers the entire contents when you open a website, and it is automatically closed after a certain period of time usually. Often there is also the possibility to prematurely remove this advertisement with a closing button. It can be transposed in this kind of Internet advertising complex content, such as movies, series of pictures or even sounds.


Websponsoring is another opportunity to make advertising on the Internet. Get involved as a sponsor, and provide financial support for a social web project! In return, your company’s logo is usually displayed on this website. So that you not only do something good for vulnerable people, but also gain additional recognition from your potential customers and improve the reputation of your company!

E-mail Advertising

With e-mail marketing you can achieve your desired target audience easily. Talk to your current and potential customers with advertising messages that you send them by e-mail. Remember that this type of advertising can be very effective!

Context – a sensitive advertising

This form of Internet advertising is based on the circuit of rigorously selected and content-related advertisements on the search engine, such as on Google, but also on many other websites. Probably, the best known advertising of this type is called Google AdWords. The advertising of your company is only displayed if the search terms or the content of a website fit your topic.

Is there any „local online advertising“?

Many small business owners ask themselves, how they make their company more popular on the network, and still addressing target potential customers from the region? The trend on the Internet definitely goes in the direction of „regional search“. Meanwhile, more and more special functions are made available to users by the operators of the search engines that facilitate the search for the desired content significantly. Nowadays, there is a special variant of Internet advertising, which is referred to as targeting. But what properties has this type of online advertising? Thanks to the targeting advertising, it is possible to control the display of advertising of the region, for example. Here, the approximate residence is determined by an analysis of the IP-number of Internet users, so that only products and services, which are produced by regional companies, can be offered. For a company in Berlin, it does not make sense if its advertisement will be shown to Internet users from Cologne.
Certainly, there are many other variants of Internet advertising, but this compilation gives already a first impression of the possible forms. The major advantage of online advertising is that you can almost exactly measure the success of these promotions!

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