Create A Free Website – Guide For Beginners

In today’s digital age, creating a website for the promotion of your service or product plays a very significant role in reaching out to the customers while maintaining a proper web presence. The following are simple and effective steps you can follow to create a free website easily:

Setting up a domain name:

Your domain name should be unique, something that has not been taken up by another user and is not likely to cause ambiguity or confusion with another domain name. Try keeping it simple, to the point and relevant. Choose a domain name that closely relates or represents the purpose of your site and what it has to offer. In case you are going for more personal websites and blogs, try choosing something that represents the entire theme of your content or brand goals. Domain name can be purchased or registered through a domain name registrar. Compare the prices of different service providers and settle on one that is most affordable to you.

Web hosting:

When you want to create a free website and want it ranked on the major search engines you need to have it hosted by reliable service providers. You need to identify a web hosting company that means what they say and choose a package that best fits your needs. When you have a good web hosting company provide services to you, your website will be assessable all year round on the internet. The website will be hosted on a server in a data center that is specialized. Go for a web server that offers uninterrupted internet connection, has assured software packages and offers additional services including email, database protection with security against fraud and leaks. Lastly but not the least, look for a service provider with reliable after sales support.

 Website design:

Every successful business online has its story. Successful entrepreneurs in the online world will tell you that a good website design goes a long way into attracting and retaining customers who bring repeat business. It is therefore important to factor designing your website properly from the word go. This is because the design represents the brand and as the saying goes image is everything, you need to have a catchy design that attracts potential clients. That notwithstanding to get efficient ROI you need to factor several things while designing your website that affect the overall outcome. These include your target audience, color and themes, your competitors, purpose of the website and layout.

Content and navigation:

The content of your website should not only emphasize the main purpose of your website but should also meet the needs of the reader. Too many long sentences, abbreviations and technical language may appeal to a few people while others may get pissed off and leave the site. Use keywords wisely for the purpose of ranking in search engines while making an impact on your audience. Using good quality images, representations and illustrations will help you drive a point home instead of assuming that the reader will figure out what you wanted to say. Organization and presentation should also be kept as simple as possible and so should be the navigation. These include navigation of pages, links, embedded videos, music images among others that you want your user to check for better reference and understanding.


Why would someone register, subscribe, click on your ads or even download software from your site? Trustworthiness and expertise are the two major aspects of credibility. Be realistic while persuading your readers that there something beyond the good looking website. Provide real contacts e.g. telephone number, email address, physical address of your business just in case somebody is interested in contacting you regarding your services or products.

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