Create A Free Website – How To Make It Unique

The rapid development of internet technology has made it possible for many people to create their own websites. The increased number of websites has made internet marketing very competitive and for someone to thrive on the same, they have to employ tactics that will keep them on top of the game. In order to achieve online success especially in business, you need to create a unique website and offer what your competitors do not have. Luckily, there are sites where you can create a free website if you do not have revenues to pay for web design services, hosting among others. The following are known tips that you can use to create a free website that is unique in some aspects. 

1. Audience
Create and develop your free website in regard to your target audience.  Whether you are creating a personal website or an e-commerce site, all websites are about information and communication. The big question while creating a website is: who do you want this information to reach? What message do you want to pass on to your audience? With this in mind, the information in your website and images included should be suitable for the targeted audience.  For example, if in your website you are targeting small business entrepreneurs you should provide information related to small businesses entrepreneurship. Provide facts on the underlying issues and provide solutions. If it is a kid’s website, have bright colors, stories, cartoons or anything that will attract the children.

2. Title
The title of a website is very important as it appears in the heading section. It is therefore of paramount significance for some obvious reasons. This is because it carries all the weight especially in Google algorithm whereby authority of outgoing and incoming links to your website is determined.Use a title that states the purpose of your website clearly and will attract a visitor on the search engines.

3. Planning
The content you provide in the free website should be organized in a logical manner that makes sense to the visitors. The information presented should be easy to follow failure to which the visitors might lose interest to read the information presented. Well organized website always attracts high traffic than the ones that looks disorganized.

Having a clear organization to your website is also an important issue when keeping up a website. Your free website will not give you much success if you have information on kitchen remodeling under farming topic. There are lots of people who put information of their website on unsuitable categories and this disorganizes the whole website. It becomes hard for the visitor to locate what they are searching for and this leads to little or no traffic at all to the website.

4. Graphics and images
Icons and pictures play a great role in helping drive traffic to your website. A picture can be worth a lot of words and visitors tend to be attracted to a website that has a picture about something that is of great interest to them. When you create a free website consider putting an illustration or picture that summarizes the content found in the website. This will make visitors get more attracted to the website because of its effectiveness in communicating its message quickly.

5. Speed
When you create a free website ensure that its loading speed is high to ensure it serves the needs of the visitors fast and effectively. Websites that load fast tend to have high traffic because the surfers can get what they want as fast as they want without much strain. To ensure that your website loads fast do not put images or graphics that are large in size which takes long to load. Avoid using file formats such as jpg because such file takes long to load. If it is a must that you have to use such large graphics, images or file try to compress them to make them load faster. It is also good to avoid using so many banners that crowd the website especially if they do not contain information that might be appropriate or useful for your target population.
There are definitely many more others ways you can create a unique free website, but by following the above tips you stand high chances of having high traffic in your website.

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