Create A Mind Map On Your Website

There is some support assistance that can be helpful in establishing of an Internet presence. One is the mind map that is “Gedächtniskarte” in German, can be used as a visual and constructive way to build a website for your company.


The creation of mind map

The creation of such a reminder is based on a main topic that should be best written in the middle of the page. Write the topic in bold, underline or encircle it, so it will be recognizable for what it is all about. In the mind map different colors and symbols are used to help the idea get started. The diagram is like a tree whose main stem forms the generic term from which many branches come off. So, cross-connections as well as associations are created for the main topic. It automatically creates an informal structure, which can be a useful guidance in creation of a website. The mind map is completed when the respective author decides. Meanwhile, there is the memory chart as well as software for your computer.


Application of mind map

Just for brainstorming the mind map is ideal. Because it stimulates thoughts and also creates a network structure, which is helpful in planning. Likewise the mind map  is suitable for the creation of factual texts like lectures. But equally for the creation of a website, which is in most cases very complex, the diagram can be useful.


Benefits of mind map

There are clear benefits despite bright-colored creativity of the order and structure that creates the mind map. Furthermore, thoughts can be visualized and get a plastic form. This in turn makes visible which topics already good are and what little well-developed is. However, it is true that many people must first be convinced of this constructive plan development, as the mind map may initially seem very strange to outsiders.

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