Create A Website And Bind Customers With Special Promotions

The website is ready, you have hired a professional who could create a super website, first visitors already were on your website, and you have acquired one or two new customers. But what happens next, how do you make visitors come back, how do you bind once acquired customers in the long term?

The answer to these questions is: With special promotions. Imagination and sense of public relations are required here. For this reason, it should be considered whether you want to give this kind of advertising not in professional hands. Who wants to set about revival of the website and customer acquisition by special promotions, for which there are some common methods that preserve interests of customers consent, or can be wakened again. Then free website creation is not enough. Static contents are read by the customers once or even twice, after the third or fourth visit at the latest the customer stays away if you do not update the content. To keep up-to-date the website always, there are different possibilities. Either you instructed the specialist who already awarded the contract for creation of a website or you make updates yourself, preferably using a Content Management System (CMS). On you can find competent contacts who advise you to do so. On the website you can also offer special promotions such as discounts, postage free shipping, sales or various coupon or competitions. You kill two birds with one stone with a well-maintained corporate blog with RSS News Feed. On the one hand, offer customers information on promotions, on the other hand, due to high quality of products you can provide customers with real added value that brings them back again and again to your website.

The updating of the website and special offers as special promotions for your customers, however, are only the first step. Customers and other Internet users also have to experience from that. Allow to sign up for a newsletter that informs customers about new promotions or you can set up on your website an RSS News Feed. With a detailed mailing list you reach many customers and prospects at any special promotion. However, you may write only to e-mail addresses that have expressly agreed to receive the newsletter. Anything else is against the law.

Other means to draw attention to special offers include press releases in various news portals, publications in article directories or even the use of social network portals such as Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter. That informs and simultaneously brings the very important backlinks for your website. If the customers once are being adjusted that you can offer more than a static website with the same old content, then revive the flow of visitors, which will have a positive effect on your search engine ranking.

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