Create Your Own Photography Website

Bild-2 Photography Website – who wants to reach customers, being a photographer, needs not only his own well-presented photography website with meaningful lyrics. Also the presentation of his work on the photography website is very important, so that potential clients can get an idea of quality of the product. This applies, of course, all the more to areas in which artistic or graphic products will be presented.

Photography website

Self-expression with an own photography website

Photographers are craftsmen and artists in one person. In the age of digital photography infinitely many images are being produced, they are sold directly by the appropriate selection or used as a presentation of their own abilities. With a proper photography website these images can be made accessible to a large clientele. When the photography website, in addition to its significance, disposes concise texts and it is advertised accordingly, photography website can be used as the optimal advertising.

Protection against theft of pictures from photography website

This is a major concern that many photographers have – whether professional or as a hobby: anyone is able to view the images, copy and continue to use them. Of course, this is not allowed, nor it is the intention, and there are effective ways to protect their own works from such an unauthorized access.

Create a photography website has developed a secure feature for photography website with which, firstly, the publication of the images is optimized on the web, and on the other, artistic works are protected from theft and unauthorized copying on the photography website:

Gallery function for optimal presentation

For easy creation of a photography website offers many different features that can be used if necessary. For a photography website the gallery function is especially useful, since the important points, that a photography website needs, are covered:

• The number of images that can be uploaded is not limited
• The images can be divided into categories, which can be determined. This creates order and clarity even in very large galleries.
• Photographers, who want to make their images available online, benefit by password protection, which can be assigned individually for categories.
• It is possible to hide categories from the visitors.

Besides the comfortable functions for the protection and visibility of uploaded pictures there are comfort functions for image management. This is very straightforward, and allows simultaneous upload of several images, which can be renamed then and, of course, be deleted.

With the gallery function in the website builder of everyone can build his own photography website easily and inexpensively. Begin directly and test completely free: Create your own photography website

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