Dos and Don’ts when Creating a Free Website

Creating a website is just like building a house in which you have to develop a strong and secure foundation. You need to use the right materials to ensure that it lasts for a long time. The key components of a good website are good web design, keyword research, selection of the domain name and search engine optimization. There are various dos and don’ts you should consider when you want to create a free website.

Choose an appropriate domain name
A domain name acts as the sign put in front of a company that can attract new clients or send them away. It is an integral part of how your business will be in the market place. A good domain name should be naturally descriptive and informative on the site content. Consider using site content key words concentrated on your domain name. A simple domain name will be easy to memorize and your visitors can re-visit your site easily. Most internet users remember a simple domain name of their favorite site and may not use bookmarks to refer.

Plan, design, and create the website

Prior planning is important if you want to create a free website.  Even if you’re going to use website builders or free website design templates for your site, you should have a clear idea of how you want it look it in terms of design. It is better if you start by creating few pages at first and add others as you progress until you have all the content you have for your website in place.

Optimize the free website
There are millions of websites on the internet and the best way to be reached by your target audience is optimizing the website on the search engines. There are several natural methods and techniques that you can use to optimize your free website. Use white hat SEO methods if you want to be ranked by the major search engines. Using black hat methods may have your site penalized.

Make the site friendly to the user
Surfers move quickly through the web pages meaning that if the information is hidden in deep pages of the website it will just frustrate your visitors turning them elsewhere. When creating a free website make it easy to navigate, use readable fonts and add a menu bar.

Don’t use large images
Avoid using large images or pictures in order to allow the website to load quickly. Large images makes website to load slowly turning away visitors from the website. You should optimize the pictures for the free website by compressing them to reduce their size.

Don’t spam your content
In an attempt to manipulate search engines many web developers try to spam keywords in the site pages. This process is referred as keyword stuffing and should be avoided completely. Content should be developed with the people in mind, but not search engines. Keywords should be used in a way that feels naturals to the web developer to avoid keyword stuffing.

Leave room for future updates
It is worth noting that good websites are never finished. The free website should always be updated by addition of fresh content, improving its design and adding new features at all times. Failure to update a website makes it to be outranked by competitors and be abandoned by visitors. Therefore, you should ensure that the information provided in the free website is ever green.

Avoid copyrighted content
It is illegal to use copyrighted images and text without permission. It is also wrong to scrap content from other websites or plagiarizing contents from other websites. The content used in the site should be original and unique. You should use your own pictures, use licensed free clip art for commercial and non commercial purposes.

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