Gain First Customers – The Way it Works!

It sounds easier than it actually is. Many entrepreneurs start a website blindly, but they do not properly know their true target group. Unfortunately, it is not enough to provide a nice website with good information and beautiful photos. The potential customer of nowadays wants to be correctly identified and perfectly served. All the more urgent is the right target group determination.

Before you create a professional website, you should ask yourself:

• what do I sell?
• what subjects do I provide information about?
• how is the age group, to which I apply, formed?
• which catch words hit the mark?
• what makes up the target group, which I would like to get to grips with my website?
• what can I do to make my offers to potential clients as attractive as possible?

Your business, your self-expression – all this is really important.

Even more important is to empathize with the potential customers‘ world, because nothing works without it. The point is not to dazzle the customers and lure with silly promises. It is a matter of compiling for a customer a palatable program, which one can hardly resist. Real longings, accurate descriptions and excellent service «enchant» the customer and encourage him to buy. Your product should also be so convincing that it does not require any intrusive advertising.

Do not aim blindly at everybody!

Many entrepreneurs have no clear picture of their customers in mind. Because of this they currently cannot find a better way, so they aim just at the whole world. The whole world, on the other hand, has millions of different tastes. So the beautiful plan is missing the point, because as a rule with such a „blind man’s buff“ you will reach nobody.

However, if one is confined to a particular industry (for example: websites for hotels), the yield is already much better.

The more precisely you can work out the issues of a particular industry, the better the resonance.

The advantage is that you must not scatter advertising, you can now directly grasp the desires and needs of this narrowly focused group. Thus your advertising campaign is cost-effective, because it is, thanks to commitment to a particular industry, the direct way to consumers – which in turn means time saving. So you get to the desired target without detours. This clever approach automatically puts you on the road to success, and you only need to keep going.

The path of success is maintained by sovereign use of the perfect marketing tools:

References: they tell the customers who they are dealing with. You can already boast much success in work, that is always a big plus in the eyes of potential customers.

Contacts: who knows whom and why? Contacts are always important and advantageous.

Lectures: who holds lectures or presentations, is afraid of neither public nor criticism. This gives it a serious and cosmopolitan touch. This inspires customers.

Blog: also a company blog has something very personal, familiar and beautiful per se. Here the customer may feel like at home. It conveys him the feeling of connectedness. The „human-to-human“ feeling arises and has a positive effect on the purchase decision.

Cooperation: «lone fighters» sometimes have a tough time. Sometimes it is wise to team up and retract profits together.

Company website: the flagship on the Internet is the ace in your sleeve. Play your cards well-kept, thoughtfully and original – and you will be hearing from first customers soon!

Customers are not easy fair game, they are difficult to discover and „capture“. Modern man can be forced to purchase only reluctantly, and he reacts quite sensitive when it comes to „infatuation“. Professional competence, sincerity and attention to details are the key to the heart of today’s consumer. Customer loyalty has a lot to do with trust. So be open, better let the „cat out of the bag“ and do not promise what you cannot realize.

Good luck!

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