How to Create a Free Website for Your Online Electronics Store

When you are planning to create a free website for your online electronics store, finding the most useful online tools and resources is a wise idea to help you start your own online e-commerce store easily and effectively. While some people hire a professional website designer and spend thousands of dollars on making an online store, your can easily save money and start off by using simple and user-friendly tools online that allow you to create a free website for your online electronics store – in just several minutes. 

Supposing  you have decided to start your own online e-commerce store, but you don’t have much advanced HTML coding or website development skills in order to build a professional online store. So could there be an easier method to use free online tools and resources to help you start your user-friendly website for free – with no technical skills or experience required? Luckily there is an easy online website creation tool, called WordPress, which allows you to install a professional and easy-to-use online content management solution in order to start an online store in just a few minutes. Since WordPress offers you a complete all-in-one solution to add and manage products and contents, and even build an online shopping cart system with no technical skills necessary. You can also easily add a shopping cart and other electronic store functions to your website using the WordPress shopping cart and e-commerce plug-ins. These time-saving professional plug-ins help you add all the advanced features that a professional online electronics store needs to have.

In general, there are two methods you can use to install WordPress in order to create a free website: manual or automated methods. Since the manual installation may require some basic technical skills in order to setup and work with MySQL databases, it is recommended to use the free automated installation method to save on time. You can do this by using the online web hosting control panel to find the automated WordPress installation option under the Fantastico services. It is usually available by default on all Linux server hosting accounts. From there, you can simply follow the instructions to have your WordPress site ready in less than 30 seconds.

After your installation is fully complete and your basic WordPress website is all ready, you can easily search among the list of available plug-ins to find the best e-commerce and shopping cart solutions to add to your online electronic store. Installing new plug-ins is very simple and can easily be done through your online WordPress Admin control panel. While there are various powerful free WordPress plug-ins available that you can use to add the shopping cart and e-commerce store functions to your website, you may also like to take advantage of some of the premium plug-ins and tools to enhance the performance of your online electronics store.

Based on the above easy step-by-step guide, you can simply create a free website and start up your own online electronic store using the powerful features of WordPress – with zero technical or HTML skills required. Using the search engine optimized features of WordPress, you can create a professional online store that not only is easy to use for your customers, but also ranks high in the search engine thanks to the keyword-rich layout of WordPress content management systems.

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