How To Create A Free Website To Sell Your Artwork

In the modern internet age, one of the best ways to promote and profile any small business is to create a free website, with many web builders being very easy to use and offering a fantastic level of customization potential.

A simple web search will bring up numerous companies offering free website builders if you buy their hosting package, generally meaning that if you pay your subscription for your URL, then you can create a free website to your specifications. Big companies like Hostgator and 1&1 offer very competitive monthly hosting rates to go with your custom URL – so if you want, for example ‚‘ you’ll need to pay the monthly premium.

In this case the website is free but the hosting is what costs the money, with the custom address and customer service being effectively what your money is covering. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing as you often have many additional features and perks such as a control panel for tracking traffic and promotional packages like an amount of free Google AdWords to go towards costly search engine optimization (SEO).

To truly create a free website, there are well known and very user friendly sites available for completely free – sites such as Blogger, WordPress and Tumblr. Users simply visit these sites, choose their user name and designate their URL (web address) which would typically be something like ‚‘ – maybe not as memorable as simply ‚‘ but perfect for profiling needs. All of these sites are trusted and well known by businesses and professional bloggers world wide and are widely used, especially if a business is starting out. For artists of all types to create a free website to profile themselves, sites like WordPress and Tumblr are perfect – offering excellent scope for customisation and profiling.

Take for example Once registered, a customer can choose a URL (web address) specific to their needs, lets say for example ‚‘ – once chosen this can’t be changed so you need to be sure that the chosen name is one that you are happy to have for the foreseeable future. With the name chosen it’s down to you to create your free website using the web builder built into Tumblr. There is plenty of scope for variety, with different page layouts and colors available as well as fully customizable fonts.

With the free website fully created it’s down to the content to sell itself. All of these sites, WordPress and blogger included, are basically blogs – so if you are uploading pictures it is possible to add subtitles and tags to the page to ensure the search engines can find you. To create a free website is easy enough but to get it noticed is another thing – with search engine optimization a massive industry in its own right.

Some simple tips on how to ensure effective search engine profiling would be – first of all, identify your search keywords. What are people looking for when they look for your website? As an artist or small business perhaps they are looking for ‚original landscape painting‘ or ‚custom sculpture‘. You’ll need to include your search keywords regularly in your posts, photographs and headings – not too much but enough that if the search engines are looking for content on your subject they will see that your website is relevant.

So you may have gone through the effort to create a free website to promote yourself and your business, but if you are using a blog site, or even on a paid site, it is often worth being a source of information on the subject in question rather than just being out and out self promotion. People browse the internet for information and entertainment, so if you have some knowledge about modern art, you have a passion for Matisse or you went to an excellent exhibition recently, blog about it. It will make your site climb the search rankings as it is clearly a general and informative site on the subject. Don’t forget to include those relevant keywords!

You’ll see it’s easy enough to create a free website, just remember to keep it updated, relevant and informative to ensure it’s as effective as possible. If, in time, you find that you have outgrown your blog based site then migrating to a paid site is still easy and you can still build a free website there anytime.

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