How to Create a Website to Raise Funds for Your Charity

Charity organizations that do not create a website now may find is increasingly difficult to raise funds for their projects. There are hundreds of registered charity organizations in the US alone and all are competing for resources. There are several challenges that have been facing charitable organizations that have caused them to rethink their approach to raising funds and intervening in areas of need. One of the problems is a shrinking resource base. The main cause of this problem is the reducing numbers of philanthropic individuals in our corporate world.

Many people who were known in the times past for their support for charity organizations are now aging off and are less active in managing their resources. The younger people taking over have their eyes fixed on profits to prove their managerial acumen or just for growth purposes. Corporate have also scaled down their allocations to charities due to the prevailing hard economic times. Moreover, the government has also reduced its support, leaving a huge financing gap in charity organizations operations.

To counter this problem and ensure that there is enough money for charity, it is becoming imperative to create a website. Most charities have for many years had reliable sources of funding but these sources can no longer raise enough to serve the ever increasing needs. Those charities that have running websites have made great strides in expanding their funding base. With a website, it is easy to get funds especially when you are a well known organization like the Red Cross. Such organizations are already known and many will voluntarily send donations to them. For small and new charities, more effort is needed to be able to start raising substantial amounts online.

The practice today is for charities to create a website where donations are linked to specific needs or disasters. This was most evident during the Asian Tsunami and the Haiti earthquake where charities would use their websites to report the situation on the ground and mobilize funds for specific responses. In this way it became easy for the traditional donors to give and also opened a door for new donors to join in the fund rising. The result experienced was faster responses to needs and a more open avenue of intervention by the global community.

A new challenge that can be tackled if a charity would create a website is accountability. When people give to charity, they expect to see the results of their support. For those living in the country where the charity is located, it is easy to access financial records of the different projects undertaken but for donors who are far off; you also need to be accountable. The best way of accountability is to post financial records on the charity’s website. This should be matched with photos or videos from the specific areas of intervention to justify the financial records.

Charity work is now not the preserve of charity organizations alone. Another approach is emerging where corporate are adopting a mix of profit and social purpose. In this approach, they pledge a certain percentage of their profits to activities to help deal with a certain social problem. This has starved charities of income and going online is the only option available for charity’s to raise more funds. All they need to prove is their expertise in this field and thus they can be more trusted to identify areas of need and be trusted to deliver value to the target areas.

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