How to Create Website Banner Ads that Attract

Internet advertising has become so competitive and there is need to employ all the marketing opportunities available in order to capture a sizeable market.  Many internet marketers are now opting to create website banner ads to take advantage of search engine marketing. Major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing have elaborate banner ads advertising programs that enable subscribers to display their ads on a very wide variety of websites creating an opportunity for larger viewership. The quality of the ad determines how much effective it will be and by extension, how much returns you will get out your investment. Here four key areas you need to consider before you commit money and time to create website banner ads for your own marketing efforts or for submission to advertising programs like adsense.

Write good copy

The quality of your copy is the most important in any advertising. What you present to your readers will help shape their thoughts and response to you. Not all people are good at writing marketing materials and if you are one of those who are not good, you need to think of hiring the services of one who is capable. You also need to have a plan for our copy where you determine what message you want to pass across. The hard part will then be how to best put it in text and/ or graphic form to elicit the highest level of response. A good copy writer will be able to advice you on the best way to go about it then create a copy that is up to the standard of modern banner marketing.

Customizable size

The size of your banner ad will come into focus when you thing about the spaces available for placement on the internet. When you decide to create website banner ads, you will have to first of all considered the channels you will use to advertise. For adsense advertising, it is not possible to determine the size of the spot where your ad will be placed. The size should be able to match different spaces available on many websites to reach a wider market. If you are going to place the ad manually, then size will not be an issue because you can always customize according to the space. Poor size design can lead to the ad being rejected by some websites or appearing in an unreadable format.

Attractive graphics

When you build website banner ads, your main aim is to reach internet surfers and get them to take time to read your ad and ultimately visit your website. Graphics have a high potential to get people to view your ad. The graphics should be designed by a marketing mind to portray the desired message. They should not be hard to read or understand but should e just enough to get some one who may be interested in your product or service to stop and view. They should also be relevant to the product or service being offered. Graphic design also involves the color scheme chosen. Colors mean a lot and there are colors that are good for marketing and others that are not. Some are more effective when the target market is women while others will work best with men. The color scheme can sometimes be derived from the parent website in which case it takes the color code.

Good placement

Placement of the ad on the internet is the most important part of banner advertising. There are many companies that create website banner ads but don’t advise on the right placement options. This leaves the advertisers with no option but to source from search engine based options like adsense. With the search engine based options, the advertiser has no control over the placement of his ads leaving it open to any site where the system deems fit. This method is mainly based on either keywords or location but has no guarantee on the audience to which it appears. Self placed ads on the other hand are more effective in targeting a particular market niche.

These tips will help you ensure your ads get the best results and also save you money.

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