How To Make A Website Attract Mobile Traffic

The growth in mobile phone technology and penetration has enabled billions to be on the internet with their phones and ipads. This has opened a great business opportunity for sellers of goods and services who can now offer them directly to potential customers.  The increase in smartphone sales has also given a big boost to mobile business with the expansion of internet usage. With billions now being potential customers for online marketers, the biggest challenge remains, first, how to do your marketing and secondly, how  get traffic from mobile phones to your website or sales page. There are two main methods by which you can attract mobile traffic to your website. Of course, this assumes that you have taken time to make a website and it is ready for business. 

 SMS Marketing

Short Message Marketing is fast gaining popularity as a choice method of targeting mobile phone users with promotional messages. The main problem here lies in getting to know the different phone numbers. Using phone numbers without the authority of owners is illegal in most countries but marketers are slowly identifying loopholes in the mobile phone systems and networks which they are exploiting for business. One of the most effective methods is using other media to target mobile phone users. Newspapers and magazines are read by millions of people with mobile phones and they are used to generate leads. These methods include all other advertising that you can do outside the mobile phone to get traffic to your site. With this method, you try to provoke people to send a message to a particular number may be to get a particular gift. The other method is by getting mobile phone numbers either from network providers or other means and using them to send short promotional messages. These messages will in most cases urge the recipient to open a particular website usually a sales page.

Adverts on Apps

Applications are the main drivers of the smartphone revolutions. There are millions of applications that help users manage phone usage and online interactions. There is almost an application for everything you could think of. All these are meant to ensure a more fulfilling experience when using a smartphone due to their small size. Most apps are normally sold but there are many more that are offered free of charge. Most those given free come with adverts embedded. These are adverts paid for by owners of different websites in who want to reach the users of the free applications. This method is good for lead generation because if is a win win situation for both advertisers and app users.

Online Advertising

The internet is a full of people looking for all kinds of things. For people selling goods and services, it is always easy to use the paid adverts system like Adsense to gain traffic to landing pages. You can use the paid adverts to position your phone number on different parts of the internet. You can also use social media sites to target mobile phone users who have access to the internet. Most marketers will give their phone numbers to be used to get SMS response that in essence give the phone numbers of the users to the marketing agency.

Any marketer who will succeed in getting more traffic from mobile phones stands a better chance of success against the one still using conventional methods. Most people who used to access the internet from laptops and desktop computers are now tuning to smartphones and pads to make their online experience more relevant to their changing lifestyles and user friendly.

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