How to Make a Website More Effective As a Business Tool

Nobody pays to make a website without expecting to make a remarkable impact on the internet marketplace. From the process of web design to the adding of content, all the way to the marketing and selling, the ultimate objective is to have a website and a business that resonates with web traffic and attracts buyers to the business. The reality however is different and there are many websites out there which have not performed to the original expectation, leaving the owners wondering how they can make them more effective as a business tool. There are different strategies you can employ to enhance the capacity of a website and make it more effective online.

 Design matters

Before you deal with matters outside of the website, it will be important to look critically at the website to ensure everything is set in the right way. A key problem area is lack of linkage between pages. When you link pages, you make it easy for web visitors to access all your pages without having to scroll directly. This allows people who get attracted by some particular content to navigate directly to the relevant pages. Another area to look at is the meta tags. These are very important in ensuring your pages are easily identifiable and are found out in search engine searches. This should be complimented with good page titles and descriptions for each page and for the whole website. The nature of web traffic is that people only click on sites that attract them and are also easily turned away by simple errors on websites.


The best approach you can take to make a website more effective is search engine optimization. Almost all internet searches today are performed through search engines. This has changed the way people promote their websites online such that you have to ensure your sites are is able to be found out by search engine crawlers. There are several things you can do to this effect:

a)      Directory submission

The internet has thousands of directories where websites are posted according to defined categories. All major search engines have their own directories where you need to register your website. Failure to register means that your website will not be available in search engine results until it is discovered by search engines. This might however take long and sometimes the search engine crawlers may not take the details they way you may want.

b)      Links to Credible sites

The internet is one big network and the more you are linked, the better your chances of being found out. You need to identify high quality websites with which you will exchange links to be able to get a share of the traffic going to them. This also adds to your rating in search engines where your site will be preferred to those which do not have links in bringing out search results.

c)        Social Media and Article marketing

The only way you can create a website that is effective is by surrounding it with quality information in other places on the internet. Social media is one of the most effective tools for promoting your site. It is here that you find most people who are regular internet visitors and also potential customers to your business. A presence on social media platforms is a great way to connect with huge web traffic. Article marketing is also another way you can get people to know about you and the website. People are hungry for information and are looking for it every day. Articles prove your competence on a particular area and also a way to attract traffic to your site.

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