Local Success with Google Places and Your Own Website

Successful online marketing on search engines like Google is not a sealed book. Every company can use the power of the search. Especially local companies that just need to show their presence on Google Places, in order to be found by customers in the vicinity, have unexpected chances. What does an online marketing need to reach customers with Google Places and Maps successfully?

Knowing how clients search

Anticipated: Any operation on the web brings only half as much, if a strategy is missing. Who wants to use search engines profitably, must know the behavior of his customers on the Internet better than the competitors. While the offer stands in the foreground, interested parties are looking for services, products and offers in their own way. But how exactly? The Google Keyword Tool gives the information (see the image). It points out which terms are really entered and in what combination users search for local businesses and services. It also indicates which terms are particularly often sought.


The Google search has another trick ready. If you type a search term into the Google mask, you receive alternative suggestions or additions to the typed words. By these terms, with probability bordering on certainty, entrepreneurs can assume that those will actually be entered and searched daily. The example (Figure 2) shows the suggestions of the search engine on the term „Baker Munich“. The local search results which can be used with Google Places for their own online advertising, appear just below.

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Use Google properly

zusaetzlicheDetails The local online advertising with Google Places focus on Google Listing itself. Your own website can also be selected from here. The listing is valid, as detailed as possible and completed in the right position, with information for interested parties and customers. In the first step, the listing should be marked as „confirmed by the owner.“ For this purpose, Google sends a postcard to the desired business address within 2-4 weeks, in order to confirm that the location is safe. The shipment starts, if the business owner has entered and saved the data of his base entry (Fig. 3). The dispatched postcard contains a confirmation code which must be deposited in the Google Local Business Center. Then the listing is confirmed, and it is now classified as relevant and trustworthy by the search engine. The first customers in the immediate vicinity find with the desired keywords on the listing and see here the following: opening hours, general information such as the description and payment options, a desired number of images and additional information, such as the parking situation and reviews of other users (if already available).

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Advantages of a high-quality Google Listing

Those who manage to build a popular Google Places Listing, of course get the attention of customers from the surroundings – and so move his website forward not at last. Unlike advertisements in local advertising newspapers, the Places-entry appears independent regardless of current payments. In terms of the number, they are also looking for significantly more potential customers on Google than in a single promo sheet or yellow pages. Unlike printed ads, the listing does not disappear and its success is measurable. Another advantage: the search engine aligns its results and thus overlays of one’s business then, where the user is currently located. That who is close, is found.

Measurable success

Google daily gives business owners traffic to the business listing, and also demonstrates how often their own business has been displayed for relevant searches. So the advertising effect is there, not requiring customer to click. If he calls up the entry, he moreover finds all the important data for an on-site visit and can make an image of the quality of the business in the valuations. Owners should therefore encourage their customers regularly to leave online reviews. The prerequisite for this is an appealing entry that is also trackable.


Saving costs with sustainability

Many service providers offer so-called search engine optimization which is not transparent for entrepreneurs and not suitable for local businesses. Also, printed ads and places in the yellow pages usually cost more than they bring. Premium entries in online portals can reach namely several clients, but these are mainly searching on Google and not elsewhere. However, in order to reach customers without any detours, to save unnecessary costs and promote independently from other providers, a high-quality profile pays directly to Google. Who demonstrates presence here successfully, reaches interested parties from the region automatically and at the very moment when the customer search begins.

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