Market Your Website Offline

You have created your own website and optimized everything to perfection; now, the site only needs to become well known. Whether through search engines, websites-directories, advertising, social networks, forums, link exchange with relevant sites, etc., there is no limit of the imagination in the field of online marketing. Many people think that after this tedious work everything is cut and dried, and they just have to wait until the first crowds of visitors storm the website, but unfortunately that is not the case.

Offline marketing is an important step here that is always forgotten. Earlier, of course, and nowadays it has been seen as an annoying extra task only; there are several profitable possibilities to reach customers by traditional means. Below there is a list of the five most important steps, using which you will make your website well known, without even opening your browser.

1. Make sure that each of your officers or employees knows the address of your website. Just like everyone should know the phone and the fax number by heart, they also get to know all addresses of your websites at any time, like a pistol shot.
2. Print out the website address on your business cards, letterheads and other inquiry documents. Likewise, your e-mail address should not be missing. In this way, anyone, who holds one of the said documents in his hands, knows how to find your company on the Internet and can reach it.
3. Remember to mention your website in the announcement of your answering machine or in the waiting loop. So you can offer your clients a simple way to get additional information about your products or services on the Internet, or they possibly request it right there.
4. Consider to prepare car stickers with your company name and address of your website. This form of advertising attracts attention, and is more dynamic than, for example, a newspaper ad that nobody possibly reads, and the very next day it ends up in the waste paper.
5. The most important and redundant type of marketing is, quite simply, word of mouth. Talk about your website. Whether with your family and friends, or potential clients – what is heard is told in many ways.

There are innumerable other possibilities to market your own website in the non-digital world, but the points listed above are the ones that you should follow in any case.

People are still only people. They rejoice not when they are flooded with advertising on the Internet – they are happy when something is tangible.

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