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Company Website Part 9 – Control is Still Better!

You have already created your own company website and tried to enforce the best measures to promote your website and therefore your business successfully. However, you should not forget some important facts. Ask yourself regularly, whether all advertising measures were effective and successful, and which you would better not apply in the future. Perform a target-performance comparison at regular intervals, in order to control the success of your website thoroughly. After you have followed all important information for marketing your website, in our opinion, check whether the objectives you intended to implement at the beginning, were realized. But where from you really ought to know that your website successful and well received by the visitors is? Of course you can measure the success of your website based on your account, nevertheless, the review of each promotional activities would be thoroughly recommended. For any entrepreneur the control of the individual steps that were applied for the marketing of his website and company, is highly relevant. However, how should you carry out the inspection? What you should take into account and what software you should use.

5 Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid

Normally, we report in the blog of how to extend your own company using its own website and well portioned marketing. However, you should also know which mistakes should be avoided.

Tips On Corporate Governance

„To manage a company“ means to carry a lot of responsibility and always to act in the best sense for the company. Even the smallest detail has to be perfect, so that the company operates and develops sales. It starts with the website and goes back up to personnel decisions.

Viral Marketing

Viral Marketing (or virus marketing) is known as a marketing form which takes advantage of certain media such as social networks (YouTube, MySpace, StudiVZ, etc.) in order to make a product, a brand or a campaign attentively. It is usually trying to generate attention to unusual or cryptic messages.