Tip of the Week – Your Own Website

The big day has arrived. Being self employed person you want to present your business skillfully and professionally. A website creation is now easier than ever. On the web there are many possibilities to put together a rock solid, free website in a few easy steps. If you have chosen a particular free website, there is the question about the right design. How do you manage to attract potential customers, prospects and competitors on your website?

Create your own free website – the personal signboard on the Internet

The basic structure of the website is ready. Now it is time to build a stable „home“. At the entrance of your website „guest“ should not be overwhelmed with details and show effects immediately. Ensure simple beauty and informative elegance on your website. Long texts without added value bore and rather discourage.

Take into account the embedding of photos on your website, that it at the first go has right size (number of pixels). Oversized images break the appearance of the whole website and extend the loading time. For small images, however there are pixel artifacts, and it looks amateurish.

Review your links. Are all links on your website still active? Nothing is more annoying for visitors than to be sent to the „desert“.

Use the power of diversity. A well designed website rarely deals with only one topic area, but also provides its visitors with information that broaches the main theme or stands in certain relationship with them.

Avoid getting personal. Inappropriate openness affects relatively unprofessional. Your website – the simpler, comprehensible, memorable – the better!

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