Usability – The Simple Check For More Sales

When designing your own website, it is important to emphasize its users. The usability must come first. Customers and other interested parties are the users of a web presence, and the website must be intuitive for them to operate, otherwise the visitor will possibly leave the page very quickly, and it comes to downturn in sales.

The phenomenon of ‚business myopia‘ – and what you can do

Since you, as a designer of a website, mainly keep a specific picture in mind, how the website should look like, it is hard to have an „external feedback“ on it; we also speak of ‚business myopia‘. A usability test, so the test of user-friendliness, involves inspection of the website by neutral people. Since normal users and customers meet the website, they encounter errors and barriers much more quickly and effectively than you as a designer who easily overlook it.

Usability tests: Popular process

Usability tests are performed by ordinary people. You should use the website as usual and buy products, if necessary, and comment your steps and thoughts thereby. There are different test methods. One of them is the usability test on-site. You can invite test subjects into an office, for example, provide them with tasks and make observations in the operation. Finding and inviting the tester is complicated as well as preparation. An easy way is the online usability test, as it is offered by RapidUserTests. Also for the test subjects, you set tasks and questions that can then be easily done from home, at their accustomed workplaces. The screen, movements of mouse, and even the voice are recorded (screencast) and provided to the operator as a video. It is impressive that we obtain the first tests after a few hours and can directly evaluate them.

Online usability test on

On, the ease of use is our top priority and therefore has been tested several times by testers of RapidUserTests and we were able to identify numerous small and large obstacles the removal of which has obtained the same top priority in the development. As an example, it may be mentioned that the administration menu did not automatically open for the picture gallery, if you were in the gallery. The menu should be opened by another action, and for this reason, the gallery was partially used less and less. Only the tester called our attention to this fact. Even when observing the tester, often new ideas arise. So we have implemented tooltips that are displayed to users after registration, to help them get started.

In case the tester could not provide any helpful knowledge, you can specify that, and alternative will be offered. Every useful tester costs 49 EUR, and is thus a low-cost entry into the usability optimization.

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