Why Does the Added Value of Your Texts Must Be Worth More

For company websites and blogs, written word should be of top priority. There’s the Google search engine that with updates puts more emphasis on a high content, on the other hand, there are the readers, the clientele who want to be informed and entertained. The base that connects both is a content that is new, unique and interesting. Google avoids duplicate content (stolen content), as well as the audience. It is not necessary to reinvent the wheel, but know how to keep it running. The content on webpages is often neglected. The reasons for this can be completely different: no time, no desire or simply out of ignorance. You have to take time for a good content – the pleasure comes at the latest, when you realize that the „added value“ is worth it. And against your ignorance of what makes a truly good content and why it is so important, you simply need to read.

Provide with added value
The reader wants to know something about your industry, your company, your products, and about you. It is important that you do not provide news, which can be read on other websites, too. Of course, important information converges; you must nevertheless take the trouble to slightly refresh the specified content. As a hairdresser, I can of course talk about the latest hair trends, but must know that probably all hairdressing websites, fashion blogs and women’s magazines do the same. Conclusion: I do not want to renounce, I have to bet on that the content splits off from others. You need to provide your readers with an added value which is up-to-date, but still „new“. This can be information about solving problems or the interests of customers. Who is already customer-oriented, should be familiar with typical problems, questions or requests of his customers. For whom this is new ground, perhaps have to think once ‚out of the box‘ to be able to go straight forward.

Enter price details
Information for the customer is only as good as the benefit obtained therefrom. When you set new products or offers and inform about it, you should also make this in an interesting way. Why not set a video in which the new service is described and shown particularly? Or provide background information with a detailed interview. Whereas, for both types it should be again considered, that the added value also brings a benefit to the reader.

Do not be a thief – be unique!
As the example of the hairstyle shows, it is the information overlap. Also background information that comes from manufacturers or suppliers, and would like to pass on to the customer, should not be taken over 1:1. Firstly, Google is allergic to stolen content, on the other hand, you can also bring your own style. The style characterizes the website, the blog, and turns you and your company into something unique – simply unique.

Quality beats quantity
Even if it has to go fast, time is short, and you already have the whole concept of an entry in your mind: it must be proofread. On the one hand, no reader would like to be confronted with spelling mistakes, on the other hand, one may discover even more unclear or missing information. In order to reduce spelling errors, you should work with a writing program. It finds common spelling mistakes, but it is also not 100% reliable. Who wants to go a step further, can take the dictionary for assistance. And those who really want to play it safe, should proofread by themselves. Increase the font size slightly and send the results to a printer. One reads a piece of paper unlike the same text on the screen. With a little practice, you then save on the ink and the printing paper.

People first – ‚machines‘ later
The readership must come first. Inform, give a benefit, deliver the added value, be different than others, and into the bargain pay attention to spelling and grammar: the reader does not want more. It sounds simple and it also is, if you stick to it.

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